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Welding-Advanced Gas Welding

Advanced Gas Welding

Course Aims ?

Understand the options available when welding thin walled pipe and tube, and select joint type and associated techniques from them
?Understand the advantages and disadvantages of bronze welding and when to use it to best advantage over other forms of welding with particular reference to galvanised material and cast iron
?Understand the problems with repairing cast iron and identify the main types by their properties and likely application
?Understand the properties of aluminium with regard to welding and the technique used

?Observe and state extra Health and Safety precautions that are relevant to MIG/MAG welding in addition to those needed for manual metal arc welding
?Understand the basic principles of Metal Inert Gas welding, its particular terminology and its uses within the small workshop
?Install inert gas cylinders, filler wire spools and set up a MIG/MAG welding set for use
?Carry out butt and fillet welds in the down-hand, vertical up and vertical down positions
?Understand the changes in settings required for different welds and circumstances
?Ascertain the cause of and rectify faults

Max No of Candidates ? 6

Course Duration ? 1 Day

Certification ? Certificate of Attendance

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