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First Aid at Work (Training & Assessment)

Course Aims ?
?assess situations and carry out appropriate action including informing emergency services
?carry out artificial ventilations and chest compressions
?place a casualty in the recovery position and know when to use this position
?know when and how to use the spinal injury recovery position
?clear obstructed airways
?control severe bleeding
?recognise and treat shock
?requirements for a first aid kit & how to report accidents in the workplace
?recognise and treat head injuries
?recognise and treat major illnesses
?deal with burns and scalds
?deal with chemical contamination
?deal with poisons
?recognise and treat strains, sprains, dislocations and fractures
?know when and how to move casualties safely
?recognise and treat other miscellaneous conditions
?all the above in safe and approved manner, with no risk to self or a third party

Course Duration ? 3 days

Max No of Candidates ? 10

Certification ? to HSE approved First Aid regulations

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