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Fire Safety Training

Fire Awareness Training
The action to take on discovering a fire
How to raise the alarm
What to do
Location of fire extinguishers and routes of escape

Advice on fire precautions and tips on housekeeping to minimise the risk of 
fire breaking out

Understanding the different types of fire extinguishers, how they work, their 
limitations and capabilities
Practical HANDS ON work putting out fires using various extinguishers
Duration ? 2 hours 30 mins

Fire Warden/Marshall Training
The course contains the above PLUS -
An explanation of the role of a Fire Warden/Marshal! and the 
associated duties as the front line of defence against a fire.

Also covered are working with the manager responsible for fire safety 
to make sure the workplace and the employees are safe from fires.

Along with the above is a brief look at the Fire Safety legislation
Duration ? 3 hours 30 mins

First Aid for Fire Warden/Marshalls
This course includes -
Action in an emergency including calling the emergency service and
assessment of casualties and their condition.
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
The Recovery Position and care of an unconscious casualty

Treatment of wounds and bleeding

The signs symptoms and treatment for a casualty suffering smoke inhalation

Treatment of Burns
Management of Illnesses including Angina, Heart Attack, Seizures, As
Diabetes etc
Added to the first courses, this takes the course finishing time to 16.30

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